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First off; I'm getting it, and a 3DS.  [and Omega Ruby, and Pokemon X-for that matter]

Now, on to my thoughts on a couple Pokemon;

Mimikyu is hilarious in that, in-universe, it's shunned by everyone, outside-it's absolutely loved.  I have to agree, minus Pichu [as it's a pre-evolution of Pikachu], most Pikachu clones don't come close to matching the adorableness of Pikachu [Plusle and Minun do, if they're together that is], but Mimikyu-not even the Pikachu clone of Alola at that! is close to, if not as cute, in my opinion, as Pikachu.

As for the starters?  Well...I'm liking Popplio more and more she [and yes, I'm calling it a "she", it's secondary evolution is very feminine {as well as leaked final}] was once at the bottom of the barrel, I wouldn't pick her-I would go with Litten.  I do not like Rowlet, BTW.  Then I saw the leaked final [It's not yet confirmed, but it is most likely an official leak, evidence points to it being official, so...I'm trusting it] and it lost me.  Popplio goes more towards cute throughout its evolutionary line, drawing me towards her more than the others [who loses that]

And now some Pokemon Go news!

And yes, I have jumped on that bandwagon-not hard, but I'm in it.

I have 83, maybe 84 Pokemon, many of them Eevees [10, I think, since my last counting], I have all of the Eeveelutions that has been released, and I'm trying to get my pokedex filled out.

That's been my past year, how has all of you been doing?  [I can't keep up on journals because I keep on forgetting to sign in every day. and they stack up, hard]
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October 15, 2016


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